Greenland 2016

This 26 day, 550km expedition saw the team follow the line of the Artic Circle, skiing unsupported from Tassilaq on the Eastern Coast to Kangerlussuaq on the West Coast of Greenland.

They faced raging polar storms, bone chilling cold and the ever present danger of falling into huge crevasses while crossing the vast expanse of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
The team began their adventure on the Hahn Glacier. This huge glacier winds it’s way from the ice sheet to the sea and was choked with the remnants of icebergs and pack ice.
They spent 3 days hauling their sleds up the unforgiving glacier, calling upon every ounce of mental and physical stamina to stay the course.

During this expedition they saw first hand the impact that climate change was having on this spectacular land. Just early in the Arctic Spring and they were having to negotiate huge meltwater rivers and lakes on this once solidly frozen area.

This was an adventure of the highest order that tested their mental and physical fitness and left them in awe of their accomplishment.