Past Expeditions

Gareth and Richard have a passion of adventure and exploration that spans many years.

They have had the privilege of being involved with several successful expeditions through harsh and unforgiving environments.

Their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and exploring beautiful, natural wilderness areas give us an insight into why these adventurers continue to pursue their dreams.

They belive their preparation and previous expeditions have prepared them for ANTARCTICA 2023.


In one of the most audacious polar expeditions ever undertaken, Gareth and Richard will attempt the longest ever unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica (2023km) and the first unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica by an Australian and New Zealander, using manpower alone.

This stands as one of the last great firsts of polar exploration and if successful, will go down in the annals of polar history and human endeavours.



Year: 2022
Distance: 350km
Aim: A 350 kilometer, 20 day journey across Svalbard to prepare for ANTARCTICA 2023

Gareth and Richard used and tested all the equipment that they will be taking to Antarctica.

This was a testing expedition, it involved skiing pulling sleds and load carrying in stormy Artic weather.


Iceland expedition



Year: 2019
Distance: 300km
Aim: To cross Iceland via its largest icecap and raft the length of one of its longest and most powerful rivers.

Records Broken: First Unsupported ski and raft crossing of Iceland

Gareth and Richard successfully completed the first unsupported ski and raft crossing of Iceland.

Skiing across the vast Vatnajokull Icecap then rafting through the wild and desolate high volcanic interior of this harsh and desolate land.

A truly multidisciplinary expedition, it involved skiing pulling sledges, load carrying huge 50kg packs, and rafting wild uncharted glacial rivers.

Success was a testament to their toughness, team adaptability and determination.

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Iceland expedition

Greenland 2016


Year: 2016
Distance: 550km
Aim: To cross the Greenland Ice Sheet East to West, unsupported.

Over 26 days the team skied from Tassilaq on the East Coast of Greenland to Kangerlussuaq on the West Coast unsupported, following the line of the Arctic Circle.

In doing so they crossed the vast expanse of the Greenland Ice Sheet, facing huge crevasse fields and fierce polar storms.

The team also witnessed the impact of climate change first-hand, negotiating meltwater rivers and huge meltwater lakes very early in the Arctic Spring season.

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Greenland expedition

Magnetic North Pole 


Year: 2013
Distance: 600km
Aim: To reach the 1996 Magnetic North Pole

Battling polar storms with temperatures down to minus 60 deg centigrade and dodging hunting polar bears, the team skied for over three weeks across the frozen Arctic Ocean to reach the 1996 Magnetic North Pole.

This remarkable location marks the point of confluence of the Earth’s magnetic field out on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean.

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Magnetic north pole expedition