The Last Great First

A Journey for the Future of our Planet

In October 2022 Climate Advocates, Doctors and Polar explorers, Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson, will set off to ski 2600km, pulling their 200kg sleds with all their supplies, coast to coast across Antarctica.

They will endeavour to collect crucial climate data as they make their way slowly across the continent.

If successful, approximately 110 days later they would have achieved “The Last Great First” and provide scientists with a unique dataset to help to address climate change.

The Last Great First

The First Full Unsupported Ski Crossing of Antarctica

This unsupported ski expedition starts where the Ross Ice Shelf meets the sea and finishes 110 days later, on the far side of the Antarctic continent at Berkner Island on the shore of the Weddell Sea.

You’re invited to follow and support us to help achieve this extreme feat of human endurance.

“…the last great adventure in the history of South Polar exploration…”
–  Ernest Shackleton


Welcome to The Last Great First.

A crucial slice of cross-continent Scientific Data 

This 110 day coast-to-coast Antarctic journey provides the platform for the collection of a unique set of climate data.

Never before gathered, this data will provide climate scientists with crucial insights into our planet’s current climate and enable them to predict future climate behaviour.

We believe The Last Great First is a journey for the future of our planet.

Meet the Doctors

Dr Gareth and Dr Richard are both Critical Care Doctors and have been working on the COVID-19 frontline since the start of the pandemic.

They share a passion for adventure and have been exploring the polar regions together for the last 10 years.

Inspiring Younger Generations

The Last Great First Expedition will bring the future into focus for a new generation, underlining the importance, majesty and fragility of Antarctica and its pivotal role in our survival on this planet.

“The Last Great First will attempt to redress what history has not yet relinquished – a full unsupported coast to coast ski crossing of Antarctica”
Eric Phillips OAM –  President of the International Polar Guides Association

How you can get involved

The Last Great First needs your support.

Your generous donation will help with the purchase of safety equipment, team operations, polar clothing and essential supplies for the expedition.

Follow our adventure as we prepare to depart  October 2022







kg sleds

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