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Thank you for your generous donation.  Your support will go towards purchasing our expedition gear and supporting our community partners. The more money we raise, the more support we can give to the Antarctic Science Foundation and to the scouts, for the heroes of today and the youth of tomorrow.

Your donation, large or small, goes a long way towards helping Antarctica 2023.

Our generous sponsors have contributed to making this journey possible

but a large part of this expedition is self funded so any donations help.

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Join the Antarctica 2023 – Supporter Network!

We invite you to join the United Heroes Antarctica 2023 – Supporter Network

United Heroes is a wellness and activity platform for friends, family and supporters to our expedition that syncs directly to your activity trackers (Garmin, Suunto, Apple Health, Fitbit, etc) to reward you with ‘effort points’ for all activities you complete. You can log more than 60 different activities – from running and hiking to meditation and gardening!

We have created six specific challenges, each aligned to a different phase of the explorer’s journey. Are you up for the challenge? Can you keep up with the polar explorers?

The first challenge is starting as soon as the explorers are set to fly into Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica.

How to get your unique UH access code

Donate $30 to the Antarctica 2023.

Select the Your Donation – $30 United Heroes Antarctica 2023 button.

Your unique access code will be emailed to you within 24 hours after donating.

How to join the UH Antarctica2023 Supporter Network

1. Download United Heroes from you App Store or Google Play

2. Enter the code you receive from the Antarctica 2023 donation email

3. Follow the steps to connect your sports watch, health app and/or pedometer if you have one

4. Register for one (or all) of the challenges

Hint: Make sure you allow push notifications so you can receive updates on our journey!

The Antarctica 2023 team is offering all friends, family and supporters the opportunity to get involved in the phased challenges.

Find out more about how you can get involved with fundraising, partnerships and support for

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