Clear skies again this morning as we retraced our steps down the Phillipbreen glacier.

Reports of strong winds and snow have made us reassess our route across the high ice caps, instead, we will head to lower ground and explore the fjords on our route back to Longyearbyen.

Clear weather and light winds stayed with us all day and the Arctic sun sat low in the sky as we skied through a sea of white surrounded by snowy peaks and glaciers falling away towards the sea.

Our final climb of the day led to the most spectacular views across Spitsbergen. 

Very strong winds are forecast for tonight (80kph) so we’ve found a safe spot, double-poled our tent and dug in!

Good job we’ve got the world’s best polar tent!


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  3.5 kph
Distance  16 km
Average Heart Rate Rich 121bpm  Gareth 104bpm
Height gained   m
Calories Rich 4362  Gareth  4250
Bears 0