The start of a new week and our first 20km day. Murky white out conditions with light snowfall and a barely discernible horizon. White outs can be difficult and disorienting. It’s like being tra pped in a white box. You lose any concept of distance and direction. Space and time become imperceptible. Out in front with only your compass and ski tips to look at you feel like the last person on earth. Both Rich and I feel like these are the toughest days. We’re really happy with how we’re travelling though and with our sleds still heavily loaded very happy with the distances covered.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 30mins

Distance 20.01km


Average HR 104

Max HR 133

Calories burned 6003


Average HR 116

Max HR 167

Calories burned 6800

After such an epic day we are both thankful to our amazing dietitian / team manager / superwoman Andrea for our 6800 calories of food!

Food is great, today will be the first day we will eat everything! Starting to get hungrier! We’re both struggling with the cheese through. It’s hard to eat with gloves on but an awesome snack when we have set up the tent. The Firepot meals are amazing! BBQ pulled pork for dinner.