We woke to an eerie silence in a still and hard frozen world.

Gone was the frantic flapping of the tent fabric and the howl of the wind of yesterday.  Today not a breath of air stirred.

Temperatures had dropped sharply, testified to by the frozen breath around our sleeping bags. 

A beautiful Arctic day!

We spent the first couple of hours taking some great photos and enjoying views stretching tens of kilometres out to the frozen fjords and mountains to the east.

Much better skiing conditions today, the snow having been blown into hard, packed ridges and sculptures that supported our weight well.

We passed the fresh tracks of an Arctic Fox and we were treated to the spectacular sight of a glorious parhelion – like a guiding star ahead of us most of the day.

A short day’s skiing today.  Strong winds forecast for tonight and we don’t want to camp on the Phillipbreen glacier with its reputation for burying tents in the snow, so we’ve made camp at its northern entrance, ready to descent tomorrow.

One of those days that reminds us why we’re entranced with the Arctic!


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  2 kph
Distance  9 km
Average Heart Rate Rich 118bpm  Gareth 104bpm
Height gained  93 m
Calories Rich 3145  Gareth  3200
Bears 0