Well folks, this is it! After 65 days and 1375km we’re camped just 27km from the pole ready for the final push tomorrow!

It’s been an incredible journey, both a huge privilege to immerse ourselves so completely in this stunning wilderness, but also unquestionably the hardest mental and physical challenge of our lives.

It remains tough to the end, today was yet another endless sea of sticky lumpy soft snow and I’m sure tomorrow will be just the same but we’ve just got to get our heads down and dig deep one last time. Thank you to everyone following us at home, it’s your support that has kept us going, wish us luck one last time and hopefully this time tomorrow we’ll be at the South Pole!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 12hrs 20mins

Distance 26.63km


Average HR 119

Max HR 176

Calories burned 8580


Average HR 120

Max HR 174

Calories burned 8532