Unfortunately I do not have a blog post from the explorers today as there was no phone reception at the remote beach we visited but they are well and we look forward to an update tomorrow.

Here is the transcript of the voice recording from our website www.Antarctica2023.com.au @zerosixzero map with an update from Richard on todays events.

Hi everybody, it’s Richard here. Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve done a voice message. We’ve been doing a lot of skiing recently. We’re just in the last phase of the expedition. We have got five days to go to get to the pole, so average about 26 kilometers a day. So we’re working pretty hard. We’re out of the tents and skiing at about quarter to eight every morning. So we get up at six, by the time we’ve melted all our water for the day, had some breakfast, packed the tent away, we’re usually skiing at about quarter to eight, and then we’re skiing for about 12 hours. Time to get the tent up about eight o’clock in the evening and then back in the tent at about eight thirty, quarter to nine. So we’re putting in some really long days, but we’re making the distance and getting closer to the Pole. So yeah, we’re getting there. We’re both getting a bit tired now. We’re just gonna keep going for a few more days and we’ll get there. So lots of love to everybody at home, thank you everybody for all your kind support that I know we’re getting. And special shout out to my two wonderful kids, Will and Rose, and we’ll see you guys all again very, very soon.

Gareth had a lovely birthday celebration, he received a Birthday card and a lovely friendship bracelet from Lucia in his Birthday parcel. We hope they enjoyed the Whisky.

Sorry no Suunto stats for today