Wow we have been on the ice for 60 days, what an absolute privilege but also a long time to be away from home. Who knows how our favourite historic polar explorers managed.

After a day of flat and reasonable terrain we had been lulled into a false sense of security. We fitted our half skins to our skis to give us more glide and efficiency of movement. It turned out to be a big mistake. After an hour we found ourselves again slogging up a steep slope in dense sastrugi. We spent most of the day in these conditions until the sastrugi started to ease towards the last few kilometres. It seems like we will have sastrugi all the way to the South Pole and have stopped hoping otherwise. It’s -28 at the moment so starting to get properly cold.

We are looking forward to a little celebration this evening as it is Gareth’s birthday and we have found a little Birthday parcel in our food bag with a wee dram of whiskey and some chocolates to share!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 11hrs 45mins

Distance 25.65kms


Average HR 118

Max HR 171

Calories burned 8103


Average HR 115

Max HR 169

Calories burned 8023