A sleepless night as a strong northwesterly wind came up and battered our tent high on the Filchnerfonna ice cap.

Strong gusts almost flattened our tent, thankfully we were dug in well and set up for the storm.

Our Hilleberg Keron 4 GT has been truly outstanding and has filled us with confidence for the epic Antarctic winds we are yet to face.

We’ve spent the day in our tent as the winds rattled on, not wanting to risk a move in these conditions.

It’s getting towards evening now and the wind is settling slightly.  We’re looking forward to getting back out on our skis tomorrow.  

The temperatures have dropped significantly this afternoon as the sun dipped below the horizon, it feels like at least -20.

We’re in good spirits and going well.


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  0 kph
Distance  0 km
Average Heart Rate Rich 0 bpm  Gareth 0 bpm
Height gained  0 m
Calories Rich 0  Gareth  0
Bears 0