The sastrugi continued as fiercely as ever but we’re very close to 88deg South now, where previous people that have been this way say the sastrugi finally ease. Only 12km until 88 South so fingers crossed we finally hit some smoother terrain soon. It’ll be great to get some bigger distances for the huge amount of effort we’re putting in as we come to our push to the pole.

It’s much colder now, around -26degC with a moderate wind so we have to be careful. Our gear is keeping us warm but this evening I found my face mask had frozen solid to my beard and I had to sit with my face over the stove for 10mins before I could finally take it off, the glamorous side of polar exploration!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 10hr 15mins

Distance 21.08km


Average HR 118

Max HR 163

Calories burned 7280


Average HR 115

Max HR 170

Calories burned 7154

*now temperatures are colder as we g et towards the South Pole we’ll be burning additional calories just to keep ourselves warm!