Another day of big sastrugi and uphill climbs but we’re 20km closer to 88S and hopefully some better terrain.

It’s -26degC today with an south-easterly wind making it feel a lot colder. When we leave the safety of our tent each morning we are at the mercy of the elements – the freezing cold and biting winds. We are most concerned about cold injuries to our faces, fingers and toes which can become frostbitten in minutes in these sorts of conditions. So we dress for battle in the mornings and here’s what we wear to keep us safe –

On our heads and faces


-Neck buff

-Polartec Facemask



-Jacket hood up with ruff to keep the wind off


-Top and bottom baselayers

-Insulated Mid-layer

-Arc’teryx x Nuclei synthetic insulated jacket –  an extra layer for super cold days on the plateau

-Shell Jacket – Arc’teryx Alpha SV

-Arc’teryx Shell bib pants – the bib is important to protect the midsection, trousers fall down when you get skinny!

-Arc’teryx Alpha Parka Down Jacket, the absolute best, like wearing a sleeping bag


-Inner Liner socks

-Thick woollen outer socks

-Alfa APS Polar Expedition boots


-Arc’teryx Rivet liner gloves

-Arc’teryx heavy insulated gloves

-Down mits – like sleeping bags for your hands.

A massive thank you to Arc’teryx for sponsoring us and supplying us with the world’s best outdoor clothing!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 40mins

Distance 21.11


Average HR 116

Max HR 159

Calories burned 7138


Average HR 113

Max HR 164

Calories burned 7023

*now temperatures are colder as we get t owards the South Pole we’ll be burning additional calories just to keep ourselves warm!