I think we might be running out of ways to describe endless sastrugi! Today’s were the ‘storm-tossed ocean’ variety, relentless and never ending throughout the day. We know it’s unlikely we’ll see the back of the sastrugi until 88deg South so we know we just have to keep pushing until we get there. The challenge is to stay positive as we grind our way over the endless ridges, constantly jerked backwards or sent stumbling forwards, each step an effort. We were staggering with weariness when we made it to camp tonight but at least we’re a day closer to the pole, and (touch wood) before then, a day closer to the mythical flat ice beyond 88deg South.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 10hrs

Distance 21.11


Average HR 115

Max HR 172

Calories burned 7385


Average HR 114

Max HR 168

Calories burned 7265

*now temperatures are colder as we get towards the South Pole we’ll be burning additional calories just to keep ourselves warm!