A night of listening to the fresh snow gently falling onto the tent with the periodic whooshing of it slipping off, set the scene for today…knee deep fresh powder!

A downhill skier’s dream but a sled-dragger’s nightmare!

Pulling 90kg sleds uphill in powder snow was incredibly difficult.

Luckily the cloud quickly descended onto the ice and the total white-out distracted us from the burning in our legs.  This was gifted with the incredibly challenging navigation across the featureless Filchner Fonna ice dome!

Many hours spent staring at compasses and GPS see us at the end of a very challenging day but we’re warm and cosy in our tent with a cuppa soup in our hands.

We’re looking forward to the view when the cloud finally lifts.


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  1.7kph
Distance 11.12 km
Average Heart Rate Rich 108bpm  Gareth 111bpm
Height gained 162 m
Calories Rich 4128   Gareth  4207
Bears 0