New Years Day 2023!

Happy New Year from Antarctica everyone!

What a way to start 2023. We decided to wait for our new year celebrations until the evening of New Year’s Day. Today we came to a crucial point in the expedition, our route took us across a known crevasse field caused by a change in speed of ice flow. We had a dog leg in our route taking us through the safest part of the danger zone but we still had to be alert and careful. By chance we arrived at the start of the dog leg last night so our mission for 1st of Jan 2023 was to get safely to the other side of the crevasse zone be fore making camp this evening. The sastrugi started off terribly, some of the worst we’ve encounte red (and we’ve seen a lot of sastrugi by now!) but luckily eased of a bit later in the day. All day cloud and mist hovered at our backs threatening our visibility and thus our ability to navigate safely but we kept ahead of it and made it through without any problems. We’ve now just got a pretty much straight line to the South Pole! Today also saw us pass the 1000km mark and we now have less than 400km to the pole! A big day but very satisfying.

To celebrate we have a dram of finest scotch single malt, Fettercairn, curtesy of Whiskey Me (thanks guys, our Christmas Day dram was delicious, can’t wait to see how this compares), an After Eight mint each and some chocolate pudding, luxury!

Have a great 2023 everyone!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 35mins

Distance 22.01kms


Average HR 105

Max HR 151

Calories burned 6400


Average HR 109

Max HR 169

Calories burned 6640

*now temperatures are colder as we get towards the South Pole we’ll be burning additional calories just t o keep ourselves warm!