The unrelenting sastrugi continued today and we spent most of the time balancing on knife edge snow ridges. For seven days now we have seen sastrugi for hundreds of kilometres in all directions. It’s actually quite an incredible sight. The largest are easily 2 metres in height, gnarled and scoured by the wind, impressive and intimidating. For the majority of the 145 kilometres we have skied through the sastrugi fields they seem to blend in to each other leaving no flat ground at all. Where we can, we try to go around them but we are almost always left with no option but to find path of least resistance and go over the top. It would actually be quite fun if it wasn’t so physically and mentally exhausting, or so painstakingly slow to make any progress. We skied for 9.5 hours today and made 18.25kms, although well below what we need to be doing we are proud of ourselves, it’s hard going and we’re giving it everything we’ve got.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 25mins

Distance 18.25kms


Average HR 110

Max HR 170

Calories burned 6850


Average HR 108

Max HR 172

Calories burned 6732