The gloomy low clouds of yesterday became thicker and darker in the evening and overnight the wind got up, bringing snow. We woke this morning to the wind dropping away but whiteout conditions and a thin layer of new snow. The first half of the day was marked by us stumbling forwards through dense sastrugi unable to see a thing. We crashed and stumbled along, skis slamming into an ice ridge or off a drop blindly in the impenetrable white murk. Eventually the sun started to burn the cloud off and it turned into a fine sunny day, at least allowing us to better navigate our way through the maze of ridges. The new layer of snow feels like it’s been mixed with sand and the drag on our sleds has increased enormously. A very tough day by all accounts and one we were both glad to get over. Life is much better now the tent is up and we’re having a good rest and a brew, chicken noodle cuppa soup all round!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 28mins

Distance 17km


Average HR 109

Max HR 168

Calories burned 6001


Average HR 105

Max HR 157

Calories burned 5841