Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from Antarctica everyone! We had some lovely satellite phone calls with our New Zealand family last night on their Christmas morning and spoke to our UK and Chile-based family today. So nice to be able to hear our loved one’s voices and know they’re having a great Christmas though it does make us a bit homesick!

As for our skiing, well Antarctica decided to treat us to another day of truly terrible sastrugi, never ending waves of ice, no real gaps between them so a constant jerking effort to make progress. We finally got our tent up quite late tonight so we’re going to really enjoy the little Christmas pudding we brought as well as some much deserved whiskey; here’s to a few less sastrugi tomorrow, cheers!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 45mins

Distance 22.35km


Average HR 115

Max HR 172

Calories burned 6735


Average HR 117

Max HR 172

Calories burned 6657

The guys were so excited to find a little inflatable Christmas tree in their Christmas Parcel. They have been on the ice for such a long time it’s the small things that really count.