We woke to driving snow and a white out, terrible conditions for navigating but Rich did an outstanding job.  He threaded our route expertly between two Nunatuks and we emerged into an icy amphitheatre just as the cloud lifted.

We found ourselves surrounded on all sides by snowy peaks and to our west a view of the sea.

Our route then took us up the Phillipbreen glacier and we spent a tough afternoon slogging uphill in deep snow.  Our distances are shorter than we had hoped, only 15km today but route finding and the conditions are slowing us down.  

We’re going well and so happy to be exploring this incredible place.

Major bonus this afternoon too!

We bumped into a team on skidoos and they gave us a chocolate bar each.  I think they felt sorry for us!


Suunto Stats

Duration skiing  hours
Distance 15 km
Average Heart Rate Rich 111bpm  Gareth 114bpm
Height gained 400 m
Calories Rich 4328   Gareth  4216
Bears 0