Another clear day, sunny skies and good snow. 17.4kms today, building up the distances and getting stronger. We’re currently crossing Berkner Island on route to the Pensacola Mountains and then the polar plateau. It is an empty, desolate, beautiful place. We spend all day skiing towards the horizon, the white snow stark against the cornflower blue sky. Low wisps of cloud hang in patches across the sky and the sun oscillates around us as we travel. Under foot the snow undulates gently, varying between deep drifts and hard wind blown slabs. We will probably be on Berkner Island with little change in scenery for 3 weeks before reaching the Filchner Ice Shelf. We are in good spirits and travelling well.
Suunto Stats
Skiing Time 8h 00mins
Distance 17.4kms
Average HR 109
Max HR 151
Active calories burned 3352
Average HR 108
Max HR 137
Active calories burned 3234
Rich’s favourite thing today is the fact that he’s discovered audiobooks and they pass the time nicely.
My favourite thing today was that I got two snickers bars in my food bag. Winner!