22km, clear skies and a chilly Easterly wind. The terrain has slowly changed to hard wind blown snow ridges separated by trenches of soft snow. It is like a rough, angry frozen ocean. It is tough going but we are enjoying the change of scenery.

38 days in now and we’re still fit, strong and healthy. A few small niggles but we’re not getting too run down or losing too much weight. It’s all down to our diet plan and the healthy, nutritious food we have with us meticulously planned by our Expedition Manager and Dietitian Andrea assisted by Sports Dietitian Ash from Body fusion Dietetics.

Here’s a sample of what we eat in a day, 6800 calories per per son per day and 7250 calories on Sundays when we have a chocolate pudding as a treat.


Firepot Muesli or Porridge with dried fruit


60mls Olive oil

Day food

True Protein Meal Replacement Drink

3 Roam Nut butter pouches (one espresso for the afternoon boost)

Various protein / energy bars / chocolate

Meat sticks

Beef jerky

Dehydrated cheese


Radix Recovery Drink (packed with goodness, we have this as soon as we get in the tent)


Firepot Orzo Pasta Bolognese (our all time favourite and fortified with green veggies to boost the nutrient profile)

50g Dehydrated Avocado

30mls olive oil

Hot chocolate (every other day)

Chocolate pudding and some sweets on Sundays! So much food but tasty as well for morale.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 5mins

Distance 22km


Average HR 98

Max HR 161

Calories burned 5342


Average HR 107

Max HR 168

Calories burned 5740