Cloud enveloped us before we left the tent but as the morning wore on it started to part around us in drifting fog banks separated by patches of bright sun. The sun glinted off snow flakes and ice crystals blowing past us, little flashes of silver, giving the impression of skiing through shoals of tiny fish. The snow has firmed up a bit but remains quite sticky and dragging our sleds still feels like taking our pet anchors for a walk! We were grateful to get into the tent this evening and I’m enjoying my soup as I write this message. Gareth is chef tonight so he gets into the tent first whilst I stay outside, cutting snow blocks for melting and finishing pitching the tent. Before Gareth even takes his boots off he prepares a recovery drink for us both which we gratefully chug down as soon as we’re both in the tent, getting those vital calories and electrolytes in as soon as possible. Now for some rest, recovery, sending messages to loved ones and most importantly eating loads more food, getting ready for another day tomorrow!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 20mins

Distance 22km


Average HR 94

Max HR 154

Calories burned 5221


Average HR 91

Max HR 159

Calories burned 5225