21kms today, clear skies and a light wind. Another day in soft powdery snow and a couple of long uphill sections. We are slowly chipping away at the distance and waiting for conditions to improve so we can start skiing longer distances each day.

We are safely in our tent for the evening now, the stove roaring away and water boiling for soup. After 36 days out here our tent is our home now, our little survival cell, our shelter from the storm. In the evenings after we’ve peeled away our frozen outer layers and changed in to dry clothes we sit either side of our stove which is positioned in the centre of our tent. Rich is chef tonight, we alternate each day. He quietly tends the stove, occasionally adding a snow block or two to melt down for water. He is sitting cross-legged on his mat in his baselayers. With the stove firing and the sun on the tent it is warm. His shoulders are still broad and he still carries some weight through his arms and chest. It is a good sign, we still have a long way to go. An impressive five week old beard covers his chin, dark circles under his eyes the only suggestion of fatigue after a tough 36 days. On his mat beside him lies his notebook, he is scribbling down the days science measurements. We have a great routine now and we look forward to our recovery time in the tent in the evenings. Spagbol and bbq pulled pork are on the menu tonight, amazing meals from Firepot.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 10min

Distance 21kms


Average HR 101

Max HR 154

Calories burned 5521


Average HR 94

Max HR 151

Calories burned 5340