The soft snow and the hills continue! We’ve left the Sallee Snow Field behind and worked our way up and down some more gentle but still tough rolling escarpments to drop down into the Median Snow Field. The Forestal Mountains are turning away from us on our left and the huge expanse of the snow field still to come stretches ahead. The surface has got even worse with deep soft snow and it’s been a slow day culminating in Rich snapping a ski binding near the end of the day necessitating an early camp. Luckily we have a spare set and we’ve transferred our ski skins over and are all ready to go again, a testament to the battering our equipment is taking in these conditions. We’re still happy and healthy and strong though and we know we just need to keep going through this difficult terrain until conditions improve.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 30mins

Distance 20.02kms


Average HR 118

Max HR 161

Calories burned 6540


Average HR 117

Max HR 165

Calories burned 6300