With the Forrestal Range on our left and the Cordiner Peaks on our right we’re continuing to slide our way through the Sallee Snowfield. It’s been a beautiful day with bright sunlight filtered through ice crystals in the air creating a parhelion hovering above us all day. The surface firmed up this morning but soon returned to soft snow, blanket smooth and beautiful but difficult to haul through. Unfortunately both our power banks suddenly failed on us last night, refusing to charge from our solar panels. Very bizarre and annoying, we can still charge our electronics direct from the solar panels but it’s more of a faff and requires more planning. Fingers crossed no more electrical gremlins!

Suunto Stats 

Skiing Time 9h

Distance 22.1


Average HR 98

Max HR 142

Calories burned 5890


Average HR 108

Max HR 152

Calories burned 6100

A little polar history – December 14, 2022

Today we commemorate Roald Amundsen’s achievement of being first to the South Pole and also remember the tragic fate that befell Robert Falcon Scott and his men. This brilliant animated video from FRAM museum gives a great stage by stage overview of the two expeditions’ struggle towards the farthest south in the world and back.