22kms today, clear skies and a strong, chilly  Easterly wind. We are progressing well across the Sallee Snowfield although conditions underfoot are still challenging. After skiing through cloud and snowfall yesterday the couple of inches of snow that settled have made a big impact on sled hauling. Tomorrow we should reach the Median Snowfield, then it’s just one more left turn around the Forestal Range and we’re on a straight line to the Pole. Exciting times. We’re doing well and in good spirits.

PS Rich broke his spoon again and has fixed it using our spare section of tent pole, he now has a foot-long spoon! Hopefully we won’t need to fix the tent.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 55mins

Distance 22.1


Average HR 104

Max HR 142

Calories burned 6003


Average HR 109

Max HR 152

Calories burned 6172