A light snow was already falling when we broke camp this morning and soon the clouds descended to envelope us completely in a world of white. Snow fell steadily all day as we made our way staring constantly at our compass to keep us on track. The snow gradually accumulated making dragging our sleds harder as the day wore on. The clouds finally lifted giving us views of spectacular distant mountains on three sides as we got the tent up this evening. It was a tough day and it’s likely to be slow going through the Sallee and Median snow fields for the next week or so. Fingers crossed for improved surface conditions but we know we’ll get through them eventually and just need to stay strong and positive.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 115mins

Distance 21.2kms


Average HR 104

Max HR 138

Calories burned 5900


Average HR 111

Max HR 155

Calories burned 6249

We’re in such good condition, we’re strong and fit and it’s all because of the food and our amazing dietitian. Rich hasn’t even lost much weight. Our favourite snack bar is the Whitaker’s almond bar. We get so excited on days we have one of these in our ration pack. The Radix Nutrition Recovery smoothie is our all time favourite, we make it as soon as we get in the tent with lots of snow so it’s like a slushy, plus the fruity flavour is a nice break from chocolate. It’s the best! The sad news is that my Spotify account ran out today!