We’re camped tonight below the Wujek Ridge. From our tent we can see a wall of snow and blue ice rising high above us forming a passage between the craggy peaks of the Dufek Massif. We plan to ski as far as we can up the ridge tomorrow then switch to crampons when the slope gets too steep. It is more than likely that we will also need to divide our sleds, leaving one behind while we make our first ascent of the ridge, and returning later for the second. This evening we have settled down with a mug of soup to study our maps, satellite images, old photos of the ridge and read accounts of those few people who have gone before us. It’s a big day tomorrow and we are looking forward to it with both excitement and trepidation.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 45mins

Distance 22.5kms


Average HR 105

Max HR 151

Calories burned 6289


Average HR 102

Max HR 149

Calories burned 6214