My spoon is still holding up you’ll all be pleased to know! – Richard

The day started with a keen wind out of the East and a dull flat light obscuring our view of the distant mountains. As the day wore on though the clouds lifted and bright sun fell first on us, then as the whole sky cleared, the Pensacola mountains spread out across our path. They form a towering impenetrable barrier off to the West but at their Eastern extreme they drop away and it’s at this end our passage through them up onto the plateau lies, the Wujek Ridge. By the end of the day we can clearly make it out dead ahead, still 70km away but crisp and clear in the Antarctic air!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h

Distance 23.1kms


Average HR 105

Max HR 151

Calories burned 6051


Average HR 119

Max HR 168

Calories burned 6200

Today as I was skiing alongside one of Richards sleds, I glimpsed at the four little koalas that are stuck to one of the sides. These amazing stickers from Northern Beaches artists Brent ( are a constant reminder of home, of our wonderful little families and of the love and support we feel from everyone that is following our journey – Gareth