Rich broke his spoon! After 10 years of faithful service his trusty expedition spoon finally gave up. While stirring his chocolate pudding (our Sunday treat) the handle snapped off much to his dismay. Not wanting to admit defeat he ate his pudding with the handle-less spoon only to discover on completion his hand and most of his forearm covered in sticky chocolate. Then came the first major repair job of the expedition. He managed to use the tiny drill bit from our hand drill to pin the handle back on and then superglued it. Impressive stuff.

This may seem small and insignificant but a polar explorer’s spoon is his most prized possession. You only get one, if you lose it or it breaks you’re in real trouble.

23kms today in murky cloud, light snow, sastrugi and temps around -7degC.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 58min

Distance 23.3kms


Average HR 102

Max HR 145

Calories burned 5984


Average HR 104

Max HR 153

Calories burned 6095