December 1st World Antarctica Day and we have completed the traverse of Berkner Island. We’re celebrating finishing Phase 1 of the expedition and the privilege of being in this majestic place. On this day in 1959 Antarctica was set aside for peace and science. We hope to educate and inspire the future generation to become Champions of Antarctica and protect this wonderful place.

It was a slow day today, our hopes of an easy ski downhill off the island dashed by deep, soft snow. We covered 20km which is great but it was tough work. A snow petrel came to visit again today, it swooped and wheeled around us for about 10 minutes before catching the wind and disappearing over the horizon.

As we start the crossing of the Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf we have 1650kms to go to get to the bottom of the Reedy glacier and the Ross Ice Shelf. After losing our crucial first week to weather delays we now have 48 days to complete the crossing. It’s a tough challenge but we are feeling strong and confident and we’re going for it! A big thank you to our partners United Heroes for creating the challenges on our activity platform that match the 6 phases of the expedition and for providing a platform for our community to participate in the expedition! Have you joined the Supporters Network? Bring on phase 2!

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 50mim

Distance 19kms


Average HR 112

Max HR 143

Calories burned 6101


Average HR 116

Max HR 152

Calories burned 6387