After 15 days of hard sled hauling one thing is undoubtedly true; we really really smell! After another stunning polar day where the wind dropped away to nothing we arrived in camp overheated and sweating buckets. There was only one thing for it, a snow bath! At -10 it was a pretty bracing experience but just what we needed to freshen us up and at least temporarily mute the rising stink! We won’t have conditions like this forever and it’s great to make the most of it whilst we can.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 9h 11mins

Distance 23kms


Average HR 112

Max HR 133

Calories burned 6505


Average HR 111

Max HR 155

Calories burned 6169

We also had a lovely and out of the ordinary conversation with Qantas pilot from @chimuadventure world’s first ever scenic flight to Antarctica that flew to the actual Geographic South Pole.

As we sat in our tent we made a live Satellite Phone call to the crew and all the passengers on board about 1,500km and 30,000 ft away from us! It was actually amazing. Just to think we’re sitting in a tiny tent in Antarctica talking to a QANTAS plane on route to the South Pole. Really brilliant. It gave us a real boost and reaffirmed that we’re doing something important and special.

Expedition Chairman Mark Richardson whose was on the flight reported that the flight was quite simply unbelievable and well worth it. The crew and passengers heard from Gareth and Richard on the ice and it was outstanding.