Another 23kms covered today and we have reached 80 degrees South. We are having a degree party and chocolate pudding because it’s Sunday!

We have had clear weather for the last few days. The sky directly above our heads is a deep ocean blue. It transitions to a vivid cobalt, then a thin turquoise as it falls like a curtain towards the horizon. The snow covered expanse races unhindered as far as the eye can see to our North, South and East. To the West a line of watercolour grey cloud streaks across the sky, the early signs of a weather front maybe. It is unlikely and we are not worried. The snow beneath our feet is hard packed and wind scoured. The intricate swirls and waves, carved by fierce winds, are quite beautiful. It is like skiing across an oil painting.

The emptiness in this place seems absolute. For this brief time however, it is not. We are here, with our chapped lips and sore feet and little red tent. Soon we will be gone and snows will return to their silence.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h

Distance 23.5kms


Average HR 108

Max HR 133

Calories burned 6182


Average HR 113

Max HR 153

Calories burned 6242

To mark each passing week Gareth and Richard requested a Sunday chocolate pudding from Expedition Foods. Something special and delicious to look forward to and today was their lucky day! Week two done!