A sleepless night last night as 90-100km/h winds pounded our tent.

Terrifying at times as the swirling wind slammed down on us from the mountains above the valley.

We were on emergency stations through the night as violent gusts uprooted pegs and tore open our snow flaps. 

We would dash outside into the driving wind and snow to secure the tent then scramble back inside.

Our trusty Hilleberg was just incredible in the face of such an onslaught. 

The winds must have been bad because all the snowmobile teams we met today asked how we survived the night!


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  0kph
Distance  12.8 km
Average Heart Rate Rich110bpm  Gareth 102bpm
Height gained   m
Calories Rich  4500  Gareth 4200
Bears 0