What a day of contrasts!

Started the day with beautiful conditions – still, sunshine and finally back below freezing as is right and proper!

After yesterday’s warm temperatures though we weren’t surprised to find the tent frozen in solid to the snow!

A cheeky wee ptarmigan paid us a visit as we carefully hacked ourselves free of the ice and set off.

Conditions rapidly took a turn for the worst with howling winds bringing a wet sticky snow that froze onto our ski skins making it impossible to ski.

An emergency ski waxing stop helped a bit but we actually had to walk for a couple of kilometers before the freezing winds made the snow cold enough not to stick and we could get back to some proper skiing.

Gusting gales into the face and near zero visibility were the name of the game for the next few kilometers but as we neared the end of the day visibility has opened out and once again we’re surrounded by stunning mountain views.

A character-building day!


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  0kph
Distance  17.76 km
Average Heart Rate Rich112bpm  Gareth 102bpm
Height gained   m
Calories Rich  4234  Gareth 4126
Bears 0