We have made it over 200km!! 22.6km today, -10 degrees C and clear skies. We’re making great progress across Berkner Island and looking forward to reaching the Ronne Ice Shelf in about a week.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 30mins

Distance 22.62km


Average HR 109

Max HR 130

Calories burned 6045


Average HR 116

Max HR 154

Calories burned 6400

Welcome to all our new followers, Expedition HQ is sharing some of your messages of support and we are immensely appreciative.  We are so glad that our journey across Antarctica is inspiring, motivating and educating everyone to seek adventure and protect this amazing place. We can all be champions for Antarctica and in partnership with the Antarctic Science Foundation and the Australian Antarctic Division we hope to provide scientists with a unique dataset to help to address climate change.