We woke to the patter of rain on our tent, a rather unexpected occurrence on a polar expedition.

After such a wonderful clear day yesterday, we were greeted this morning with moody skies, rain and a gusting south-easterly wind. 

Memories of our Iceland expedition flooded back.

Thankfully our Arc’teryx gear is so adaptable to a range of environments, high polar caps to wet valleys.

We explored the Fulmardalen valley to the base of the Marmorbreen glacier before making camp.

We will start our journey back to Longyearbyen tomorrow, temperatures are due to fall to the -20’s so we’re looking forward to more polar conditions to come.


Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  0kph
Distance  13.2 km
Average Heart Rate Rich105bpm  Gareth 102bpm
Height gained   m
Calories Rich  4200  Gareth 4005
Bears 0