An epic day today!

With mist clinging to the tops of the ice domes, we decided the time was right to head for the valleys and began our descent of the Rabotbreen glacier.

We knew it’d be a big day, at the snout of the glacier was a complex moraine field with an ice lake at its centre.  

On our way up a week ago, we’d managed to sneak up the side of the frozen lake but some parts had been pretty treacherous and we’d only just made it through.  

By luck, today was by far the warmest so far – a tropical zero degrees!  We couldn’t trust the ice so we’d have to find another way through.

We didn’t want to get caught in the moraine overnight, too high a chance of a bear stumbling upon us unexpectedly, so we knew we’d need to push through whatever we found. 

The weather smiled on us and we were treated to stunning views as we descended off the tops.  Sure enough, the ice lake looked decidedly dodgy so we had to find another way through.

We managed to pick up some snowmobile tracks and with some extreme effort a shire horse would be proud of, we hauled our sled up steep mounds of moraine, found a gully and made it through!

We’re now back nearly at sea level and have been treated to a white ptarmigan and some reindeer antlers!

Strong winds forecast overnight so we’re battering down again but really satisfied after a long day and enjoying our change in environment.


No Suunto stats today.

Suunto Stats

Average speed  skiing  2.8kph
Distance  21.55 km
Average Heart Rate Rich 111bpm  Gareth 106bpm
Height gained   m
Calories Rich  5023  Gareth 5104
Bears 0