An amazing day. 21 km covered and we’re feeling good. Early morning cloud lifted to reveal the polar sun and great visibility. A snow petrel paid us a visit this morning, flitting into view and giving us quite a surprise as it wheeled and turned in the wind above our heads.

I ski most of the day staring at the Scouts sticker in the back of Rich’s sled. It bears the words ‘Creating a better world’ next to the insignia. It makes me immensely proud to be an ambassador for Scouts Australia alongside my team mate Richard. Everything we do out here in Antarctica epitomises the ethos of the Scouts – leadership, mateship, teamwork, outdoor and survival skills, resilience and mental fortitude. Most importantly of all seeking adventure and doing it with your friends.

Both of us dearly hope that this expedition will bring Antarctica into the lives of Scouts across Australia, New Zealand and the world and that they be inspired to think anything is possible through hard work and determination.

A big thank you to Neville Thompkins OAM, Chief Commissioner Scouts NSW for his unwavering support and enthusiasm.

A special thank you too to the Padbury Cub Scout Group from WA who have inspired us as much as hopefully we have them.

Suunto Stats

Skiing Time 8h 40min

Distance 21.52km


Average HR 113

Max HR 155

Calories burned 6180


Average HR 116

Max HR 153

Calories burned 6460