Climate Science Program

A Journey for the Future of our Planet


The team from The Last Great First Pty Ltd will achieve far more than the longest unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica.

The ANTARCTICA 2023 crossing will use this 75 day, 2023km journey to collect a unique longitudinal climate data set along a coast to coast transect of the Antarctic Continent.

This has never been achieved before.


A Crucial Slice of Cross Continent Science Data


Travelling across Antarctica – this so far largely untouched continent – for a full summer season is a unique opportunity that is set to have a significant impact on the world.

Today, information about Antarctica is often sporadic and collated on the continent’s outskirts.

While the technology on the ground, the satellites in the sky and the scientists working from stations have built a comprehensive picture of the continent, we hope to add another element to this great work.


The Last Great First Scientific Program

Mobile Climate Stations


Working with the scientists from the Australian Antarctic Program in partnership with the Antarctic Science Foundation, we have turned our pulks (or sleds) into mobile climate stations.

Each day over the entire expedition, Gareth and Richard will collect a range of data that will project to the LandSat 8 satellite and then be calibrated into insights for the Australian Antarctic Program, as well as climate scientists all over the world.

Information gathered will include…

* Air temperature and barometric pressure

* Cloud characteristics and patterns

* Ice surface properties

* Solar radiation

* Moisture content and wind speeds


The expedition presents an exciting opportunity to log fundamental data on atmospheric conditions such as air pressure and temperature for comparison with state-of-the-art meteorological models and satellite-derived measurements”                   Dr Andrew Klekociuk, Australian Antarctic Division and University of Tasmania

“We would love to get a dataset of sastrugi height along a traverse which we can then compare to the satellite-derived data”   Dr Alex Fraser, University of Tasmania

“To Gareth, Richard, Mark and the dedicated team behind The Last Great First Pty Ltd.  We commend your planning, admire your courage and look forward to the answers researchers find in this trove of Antarctic data when you return safely from your quest.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Andrew Kelly, The Antarctic Science Foundation.


Human Performance Data

As Critical Care Doctors, human physiology is at the core of Gareth’s and Richard’s work.

Using new, ground-breaking technology on their SUUNTO watches, the two doctors will study their own physiology and how their bodies respond to the rigours of such a demanding expedition.

Few have ever skied further or for longer, unsupported in such a harsh environment with such heavy loads.

This landmark data set will contribute significantly to our knowledge of human performance in extreme conditions and extreme isolation.