Arriving in Svalbard

We’ve finally made it after two and half years of planningLongyearbyen is the world’s northernmost settlement (with population greater than 1,000) and largest inhabited area of SvalbardNorway.


Preparations in full swing, one day to go! 

 Prepare, pack, sort…. repeat.

Our Svalbard expedition is 21 days,we must have everything we could possibly need packed in our sled and ready to go.

Can you imagine what the preparation will be like for a 110-day crossing of Antarctica?

A big thank you tFirepot foods, all these yellow packages are our meals for the next 21 days made in the UK and shipped to Svalbard.

John froFirepot foods has been an absolute legend and has teamed up with our amazing in house Dietitian Ash to make sure we have enough nutrition to sustain our energy expenditure and nutritional requirements throughout our expedition.