Full Unsupported South Pole Ski Expedition of 1404km in 66 days.

Gareth and Richard took the Berkner Island Route to the South Pole. They started their journey within the newly established Berkner Island Outer Coastal Zone (PECS).

Australian and New Zealand doctors, Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson complete major Antarctic expedition

After a grueling 1400km, 66 day journey through some of the toughest and most remote terrain in Antarctica, Gareth and Richard reached the South Pole at 6.30pm on the 18th January 2023.  

Battling temperatures below -40C with windchill, hundreds of kilometers of rock-hard ice ridges and extreme physical and psychological isolation the two doctors gathered crucial Antarctic climate science data to aid the global fight against climate change en route to the Pole. 

As ambassadors for Scouts Australia Gareth and Richard’s epic journey has been followed by and inspired tens of thousands of young scouts around Australia, New Zealand and World Scouting to reach for their goals and take positive action in the face of the global climate emergency.

“After being dropped off on the edge of Berkner Island 66 days before we have finally reached the end of our journey. We have pushed as hard as our bodies could go. No rest days, late starts or early finishes – we gave it everything, everyday” Dr Gareth Andrews

Please read our Expedition Story and Expedition Facts in our recently updated Blog.

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If you would like more information on our journey, please contact Expedition Manager: Andrea Andrews, or Expedition Chairman: Mark Richardson

A huge thank you from Rich and Gareth to all of you who have supported and sent us messages along the way.

Full unsupported South Pole ski expedition 

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‘Superhuman effort is not worth a damn unless it achieves results’

–  Sir Ernest Shackleton


Welcome to ANTARCTICA 2023

A crucial slice of cross-continent Scientific Data 

This 75 day Antarctic journey provides the platform for the collection of a unique set of climate data as they make their way across the continent.

Never before gathered, this data will provide climate scientists with crucial insights into our planet’s current climate and enable them to predict future climate behaviour.

We believe ANTARCTICA 2023 is a journey for the future of our planet.

Meet the Doctors

Dr Gareth and Dr Richard are both Critical Care Doctors and have been working on the COVID-19 frontline since the start of the pandemic.

They share a passion for adventure and have been exploring the polar regions together for the last 10 years.

Inspiring Younger Generations

ANTARCTICA 2023 will bring the future into focus for a new generation, underlining the importance, majesty and fragility of Antarctica and its pivotal role in our survival on this planet.

How you can get involved

ANTARCTICA 2023 needs your support to complete this incredible journy.

Your generous donation will help with the purchase of safety equipment, team operations, polar clothing and essential supplies for the expedition.





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